About us

Millennium Club Bulgaria is a Non-Governmental Organisation. We gathered together for the first time on the 28th of March 2016 at the Vrana Residence in Sofia. The topic of the event that became the foundation for the organisation was “The path toward Europe: What will bring the young Bulgarians back home?”

Mission – Why is there a need for Millennium?

  • Because we live in a world without borders
  • Because over 2 million Bulgarians live abroad
  • Because the voice of the young Bulgarians needs to be heard
  • Because we want to provide young Bulgarians with the opportunity to have an impact on the development of their home country
  • Because we are one nation no matter where in the world we are


  1. We want to give Bulgarians living abroad the opportunity to actively participate in the development of Bulgaria even if they are away from home
  2. We want to build a bridge between the Bulgarians abroad and the Bulgarian administration, political class, business, society and media
  3. We want to build a true Bulgarian diaspora abroad that could be a useful resource for the home country
  4. We want to  empower young Bulgarians by giving them a platform and a voice


Millennium Club Bulgaria is a think tank of Bulgarians born after the 1st of January 1981 who studied (or are still studying) abroad. Our vision is simple: we want to be patriots without borders. We want to achieve our goals with will, commitment and thought. We don’t want to forget where we started our life journey from. And more than everything we want to be united.
Support us! Look through our website where you will find more detailed information about the various activities and campaigns of Millennium Club Bulgaria. Become a member! Share your ideas,join our working groups and let’s all broaden our horizons while supporting our home country - Bulgaria